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Strategic Consulting× Design Innovation × Implementation

TOALL empowers new businesses with intelligent and innovative solutions, and helps upgrade the experience of enterprise products and systems with whole-case design services

UMDT research system

We believe that careful research and analysis can find problems and opportunities
TOALL, adhere to the original UMDT research system, throughout the whole process of the whole project design service

Accurately gain insight into user needs, study user consumption psychology, segment user groups and profiles, and select innovative strategies centered on user value experience

Target user portrait

User experience journey analysis

Target demand mining

Accurate user research

Fully study the market scale and competitive pattern, conduct in-depth analysis of the main competitors, and choose competitive strategies and positioning strategies based on their own advantages and disadvantages

Market size / growth research

Competitive brand research

Benchmarking analysis

Product positioning strategy

Based on the real network-wide consumption big data insight trend, dig deep into potential demand and business opportunities, drive innovation with design, and improve the success rate of product investment

Consumer behavior data mining

Network-wide category data mining

Brand penetration data analysis

Key scenario data insights

20 years of professional insight to grasp the design trend, analyze the development direction of technology trend, combined with the company's own strategic planning development direction

Corporate strategic analysis

Design trend research

Technology trend research

Future potential data identification

Strategy Consulting

Based on the results of UMDT research, TOALL
obtains accurate and objective product function definitions, product and brand strategies

  • Feature definition

    Requirements positioning, requirements collation, prioritization, category grouping, user and scenario definition, PRD document arrangement...

  • Product strategy

    Product positioning, technology competition strategy, pricing strategy, PI technology strategy, product line strategy planning...

  • Branding

    Brand positioning, brand naming, brand story, brand connotation extension, brand slogan...

Design Innovation

TOALL has a diversified professional design team
that insists on providing customers with innovative services
for system design with an integrated and
innovative design management system

Scheme Landing

TOALL integrates professional landing resources, supports product mass production, digital product release and iteration with supply chain management services, and the successful implementation of brand solutions is based on years of landing service experience, TOALL is good at putting the landing evaluation before the design process to ensure the realizability of creative innovation

  • Production

    Prototype production, mold processing, supply chain management, production supervision, electronic production and assembly...

  • Release iterations

    System testing, server deployment, release and launch, tracking iterations...

  • VI management

    VI application, material landing, brand communication, packaging production supervision...

Product Value Innovation System

An original theoretical system with insight into the evolution of science and technology and value hierarchy, and an innovative deconstruction method that integrates three dimensions

Product Evolution SystemProduct Value PyramidThree Body System

Endless possibilities with convexity and