Founded in 2003, TOALL Innovation Design Group has now been operating for 20 years straight.
    We insist on original design, always striving to become a representative product innovation design service organization in China.
    We practice the design commitment of "Good Design to All".


    The name ’凸凹‘ originates from the traditional Chinese woodworking craft of mortise and tenon.
    ’凸‘ stands for tenon and ’凹‘ for mortise. The English name 'To All' means 'for everyone'.
    Bearing the name '凸凹', we represent our inheritance of and faith in the original Eastern craftsmanship and artisan spirit.

  • TOALL Design 20th Anniversary Exhibition

    International high-end design service agency, proficient in building intelligent product systems
    Attracting a large number of professional users with professional services and high-quality works for on-site interactive experience

  • 2000+ Innovative Design Projects Landed

    Having served 60+ Top 500 enterprises together with 2000+ small- and medium-sized enterprises
    Adhere to the design innovation to promote the progress of partners.

    We cooperate with many famous enterprises to create opportunities for innovation.
    We can also cooperate with you.

  • 200+ Awards, 50+ Honors

    Won the "Top 10 Best Design Corporation for Industrial Design" for three consecutive years
    Shortlisted as the Top 10 of the "Red Dot Award Global Design Agency Ranking" twice
    Honored as "the Most Innovative and Commercially Valuable Design Agency".

    We have won top honors in China, and we have won many international awards. But we can do better.

    Execute Director of China Industrial Design Association
    The Most Innovative and Commercially Valuable National high-tech enterprise
    Top 10 Industrial Design Service Organizations of China
    Provincial and Municipal Industrial Design Center
    Vice President Enterprise of Provincial and Municipal Industry Association
  • Successfully Incubated and Operated
    Originally Designed Fashion Brands

    TOALL owns independent product incubation platform
    which incubates new consumption brands facing the global market through the "self-creation, co-creation and cooperation" model.

    • Self-incubated and -operated original designer brand. Builded from 0 to 1, we established a full-process ranging from brand and product to marketing and operation. Learn more →

    • The main category of THE ONE is fashion household products, which is designed for long-term scenes such as office, home, and going out. Attractively-designed and functional vessels can make life better. Learn more →

    • "Liyu"("鲤遇") sounds similar with "Privilege"("礼遇"). Engaged in three major festival series, Liyu forms a closed-loop of brand services based on independent research and development, customization, production, delivery and documentary.

  • Business Planning + Technology Development
    Multi-Professional Integrated Team is Ready to Serve

    TOALL design empowers new businesses using intelligent innovative solutions,
    comprehensively enhance the dimension of product experience, and helps traditional industries upgrade.

  • Endless possibilities with convexity and